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Technical Documentation: Documents and Links Regarding Technical Implementation

In the future, the vocabularies available on this website shall not only be read by human visitors, but computer readable as well. To implement a so-called 'web service', software and service providers need to reach agreement on interfaces. Below are papers and references regarding technical implementation. [German only]

marker (1K) Dokumente der Initiative

"Schnittstellendefinition museumvok-ws" [Regine Stein/ Carlos Saro, IfM, ZIB 2007] -->
museumvok-ws-documentation.pdf / Gültig für WSDL Version 0.4/0.5
SOAP Webservice for controlled vocabulary:
Interface Definition (in German language)
  [Regine Stein/ Carlos Saro, IfM, ZIB 2007] WSDL: -->
  [Axel Vitzthum/ Carlos Saro, DigiCult-SH / ZIB 2007] PHP-Testclient: -->
"Formatbeschreibung museumvok" [Regine Stein/ Carlos Saro, ZIB 2006] -->
museumvok0.2-en.pdf / Version 0.2

DTD: -->
museumvok0.2.dtd / Version 0.2
Exchange Format Proposal
" - Tagungspräsentation" [Regine Stein/ Axel Ermert, ZIB/IfM] -->
Presentation of the Platform at the MAI-Tagung 18 May 2006
" - AG-Treffen" [Regine Stein/ Carlos Saro, ZIB] -->
Discussion Slides Used at the Working Group Meeting in Leipzig, 27 January 2006

marker (1K) Application of Open Standards

"Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS)" [W3C] Documents created by the SKOS Group within W3C. In English.
"SKOS Core Vokabular" [W3C] -->
RDF vocabulary used to describe controlled vocabularies.
"SOAP Primer" [W3C] -->
Introduction to SOAP - A XML-based communications protocoll for web services.