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Links to external Thesauri, Taxonomies, Word Lists Etc.

We want to make available the widest possible museum vocabulary. For this reason, we have provided a link here to those vocabularies that cannot be directly downloaded from

Multilingual Egyptological Thesaurus (CCER)
The Centre for Computer-Aided Egyptological Research (CCER) has played a pioneering role in the development of information technologies for Egyptological topics. The Egyptological Thesaurus is currently available in seven languages.
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"Art and Architecture Thesaurus (AAT)" - Getty Institute
Thesaurus for art, architecture and material culture. In English, with elements in other languages as well. Online research is possible.
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"Iconclass (Iconographic Classification System)" - RKD (formerly Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen)
A subject-specific classification system; it is a hierarchically ordered collection of approximately 28.000 ready-made definitions of objects, persons, events and abstract ideas that can be the subject of a work of art or an image.
Online-research available in English and four other languages in the Iconclass Libertas Browser.
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"Materials Thesaurus" - British Museum
The starting point of this thesaurus is the classification according to the three "top terms": organic material, inorganic material and processed material.
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"Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (TGM)" - Library of Congress
A two-part thesaurus, subdivided by "subject headings (TGM I)" and "physical characteristic terms (TGM II)". Both exclusively English-language thesauri are available online as well as download versions.
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"Thesaurus of Geographical Names (TGN)" - Getty Institute
With more than a million entries, theTGN is one of the largest indices of geographic names. Online research is available.
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The UNESCO Thesaurus is a structured word list for the search and analysis of documents. It covers the following subject areas: education, culture, the natural sciences, the humanities, communication and information. The thesaurus is constantly being expanded. A CD-ROM version of the online-searchable thesaurus is accessible. The thesauraus is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and Russian.
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"Union List of Artist Names (ULAN)" - Getty Institute
The Union List of Artist Names is an index of the names and name variants of those engaged in creating culture; it is used in many different nations. In addition to the structured list of names, ULAN provides basic information regarding the listed persons, principally in English.
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